The Gaping Hole in Standing Desks

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If there’s one thing that everyone knows about us at Ergodriven, it’s that we LOVE standing desks.

We’ve loved them for a long time, since we started standing over half a decade ago. Back then, my first standing desk was a few cardboard boxes on top of a regular old desk. Ryan’s was a milk crate.

A bunch of future standing desks waiting to be harvested.

A bunch of future standing desks waiting to be harvested.

With the growing success of Topo, we get an increasing number of emails like “I’ve thought about standing for a long time, but haven’t tried it yet. Do you have a recommendation for a good starter desk?”

Unfortunately, we don’t.

Our favorite desk is electrically height-adjustable, 28″-30″ deep to allow plenty of room for multiple monitors, but getting a whole new desk is a pretty big commitment. That’s what Varidesk aims to solve with a less expensive product that sits on top of a sitting desk, but those things still cost more than half as much as the cheapest full desks!

There are a few cheaper options, but they all feel… well, cheap. Like really wobbly, unstable, and with terrible ergonomics cheap. We certainly aren’t going to recommend those.

So typically, we point people to blog posts about Do-it-yourself desks hacked together from shipping boxes or IKEA furniture for $30 or so. Most of the time, people find that pretty unsatisfying, and never do anything. I think there’s just too much uncertainty and time investment there. So we feel hesitant to make a blanket recommendation that everyone start with a DIY solution. The most important thing is just to get people standing.

What the World Needs Now

We all know that sitting is slowly killing us, and that standing is the path to healthier, happier work time. As we like to say, your time at work can make you better or worse – so design a work environment that makes you better!

But as you likely know, starting to stand can be daunting, especially if you’re stretching the budget at the same time.

So it’s clear to us that there’s a big gaping hole in standing desks.

The world needs the perfect starter desk.

It has to be inexpensive (let’s say $20), attractive enough to feel comfortable using it at work, stable (no typing wobble allowed), and provide solid ergonomics (because there’s no sense in switching to standing if you’ll be craning your neck or harming your wrists).

Now THAT is the PERFECT starter standing desk.

The kind of desk that makes you realize that there’s no reason not to start standing RIGHT NOW.

That desk would mean more people standing, more people healthier, healthcare costs lower. It would mean a happier world.

Any ideas? We’ll be launching ours on Tuesday, 5/3, and we’re excited.

We’ll be right back here tomorrow to detail our design, so stay tuned!